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why waper

Vaping you avoid more than 4.000 harmful chemicals generated by the combustion of a conventional cigarette. Some

of them carcinogens.

• Vaping is not harmful to health or to the people around you, no smoke. Just water vapor.

• You can vape e-liquid with 0 mg/ml or 6 - 12 - 18 mg/ml.

• If vaping with 6 - 12 - 18 mg/ml e-liquid, you can adjust degree according to their willingness to give up smoking cigarettes, gradually reducing to give it up definitely in the future.

• With our electronic cigarettes vapor, we do not generate the inconvenience to the people around. We do not leave bad odors in the environment. It´s just vapor that smells good.

• vaping is allowed in most public places, bars and restaurants, but also in public transport and even on airplanes due it doesn't disturb people around you.

• Vaping does not yellow-stain teeth.

• Vaping does not cause bad breath.

• With some models of our Waper electronic cigarettes will reproduce identically gestures smoker and experience the taste and feel like if you did it with a conventional cigarette.

• You will feel the Flavor of the Emotions of our e-liquids. Choose from the different Waper e-liquid flavors, made exclusively for our brand and made in Barcelona.

• Vaping there is not fire hazard. 

• Vaping you avoid the hassle to always carry lighters on.

• Vaping is much cheaper.

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