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E-líquido premium sabor hierbabuena para cigarrillo electrónico ( spearmint flavour )

SPEARMINT ( 10 ml )

Menthol aroma. Refreshing spearmint. Light taste and fresh of Spearmint. 10ml bottle.
4,55 €
  • Description
Waper e-liquid
Waper e-liquids are manufactured and produced by us in Barcelona.
After many months of research and development, we have launched to the market an e-liquid to please the most demanding customers with unmatched quality and strict safety controls to satisfy our clients.
All of our e-liquids are compatible with any type of electronic cigarette.
Waper Quality
All Waper e-liquid is manufactured by using the best ingredients and following the strictest quality controls. Our Waper e- liquids, 0 - 6 - 12 and 18 mg, are formulated by our highly qualified chemical staff in our laboratory with ISO 9001:2008 registered.
Unlike many other brands of e-liquid that simply add flavor to a base, we have created  a base only for Waper products, tested to ensure the accurate exact concentration in each batch.
EU/USP grade Ingredients
All Waper e-liquids are made with propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and mg with the highest quality available on the market: EP/USP. These EP/USP ingredients come from highly qualified European suppliers to ensure unsurpassed purity. The EP/USP is a monograph of all active substances, medicines and pharmaceutical preparations , all regulated by the European Bureau for the Quality of Medicines. EP/USP sets standards for the purity, strength, quality and consistency of these products that could be critical to the public health. EP/USP Standard uses are recognized in over 130 countries around the world, unlike many e-liquid manufacturers and suppliers from abroad that have been discredited by using lower quality ingredients.
Waper only uses ingredients EP/USP grade.
All Waper e-liquid flavors have been obtained from the most respected flavor and fragrance companies for food use.
In addition, we have deepened our commitment to the safety of our customers and do not include diacetyl in our flavor blends.
Waper takes very seriously about the safety of their customers, and that is why we have taken the necessary steps to protect them.
Each bottle of Waper e-liquid contains tamper-evident cap and child proof resistant screw to ensure content integrity.
All Waper e-liquid bottles are also labeled with the safety standard warnings. Indicating the exact concentration and an unique batch number which trace every e-liquid production, and its expiration date.
For each batch, we send samples for all our flavors and grades to external laboratories which submit our e-liquids to three types of analysis: micro biotic, GC / MS and HPLC.
Thus we can consider Waper as one of the best e-liquid in the Premium category.
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