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Cigarrillo electrónico recargable sabor tabaco rubio 0 mg
Cigarrillo electrónico recargable sabor tabaco rubio 0 mg

waper rechargeable blonde tobacco 0 mg

Relaxing tobacco. Intense tobacco flavour, with personality. 5 refills.
5,00 €
  • Description

The new Rechargeable Waper is the easiest and most affordable way to get started in the rechargeable battery electronic cigarette.

Our Waper rechargeable blister has a rechargeable battery, two disposable cartridges and a USB charger.

Our Waper rechargeable blister includes two cartridges Blonde tobacco flavor available with 0 mg/ml and with 14 mg per refill unit.

You can add 5 cartridge refills in different flavors to your Waper rechargeable blister to try our selection of delicious flavors, available with:

Blonde tobacco 0 mg and 14 mg/ml.

Refreshing menthol 0 mg and 14 mg/ml.

Coffee 0 mg and 14 mg/ml.

Strawberry 0 mg and 14 mg/ml.

Blueberry 0 mg and 14 mg/ml.

Waper Rechargeable: General Usage Information

Rechargeable Waper consists of two main components, the flavor cartridge and battery.

Rechargeable cartridges for Waper cigarettes solution are containing propylene glycol, water, flavor and 0 mg or 14 mg/ml in the selected flavor and strength. Our cartridges are built in atomizers, so no additional maintenance or cleaning to do.

Waper Rechargeable kits are containing an automatically standard battery, which is designed to offer the perfect balance between weight and vaping time recharge. To use the Waper rechargeable electronic cigarette just screw a flavor cartridge until the end of the battery and inhale on it like a conventional cigarette. Inhaling air through the cartridge, the atomizer will be automatically activated and producing vapor.

Waper Rechargeable cartridge life 

Each flavor cartridge is filled with e- liquid to produce between 300 and 350 puffs (depending on the depth of inhalations). Each refill cartridge is approximately equivalent to a conventional cigarette box.

You will know when it has finished because the vapor becomes weak and after vaping has a slight burnt taste. At this moment, the cartridges are disposable so you should change it for a new one. Simply unscrew the used and screw a new cartridge of Waper rechargeable refills with a huge range of flavors. It's that simple!

Waper Rechargeable battery Life 

When the battery needs to be charged, its LED will flash. Waper rechargeable standard automatic batteries can last between 6 and 24 h (depends on the frequency, habit and style of your puffs). The battery can be fully charged in 2 hours with the USB charger included in the kit.

How to obtain the maximum vapor from Waper battery

The way to use a Waper rechargeable electronic cigarette is slightly different to the use of a conventional cigarette. To get more vapors with a great throat hit, keep in mind that puffs are longer and slower. By this action you allow the atomizer working properly in order to heat enough the e-liquid and generating the required vapor sensation.

Waper Rechargeable components

• 1 x Lithium battery

• 2 x refills blonde tobacco (0 or 14 mg/ml).

• 1 x USB Charger

Battery specifications:

Battery capacity: 180 mAh to 4.2v.

Puffs with fully charge: 300/350puffs.

E- Liquid quantity in atomizer / Waper rechargeable refill: 1.0 ml.

Battery Charging time: 2 hours

Battery Life: More than 300 charge and discharge cycles

Length Waper rechargeable battery: 67 mm. (102 mm with flavor cartridge attached)

Diameter Waper rechargeable battery: 9.2 mm

Waper call to respect the environment. Once your battery will be finished, be responsible and deposit it to the recycle containers in your town.



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