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There are millions of stores, but i wanted one that would be spanish and would be really good...
Read Estefanía Ruiz (@nosoytuestilo) experience in your blog

I just tried spearmint from the spanish brand Waper and i am really amazed with its taste! I am not a coffee lover and I prefer tea, specially spearmint tea.

And this liquid tastes 100% good spearmint, a tea in a e-liquid!

I recommend it, no chemical taste, not sweet… pure delicious spearmint!

Greetings from .German Andres posted in Facebook

Why trust his brand? By word of mouth.

Amparo Fochs as waping us. Read @ampafochs experience on his blog the El Paí

Two weeks and only waper... vaping orange flavor. Fantastic!!!

Luis Sabaté posted in Facebook


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