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what is waper





Waper is high quality brand of premium e-liquid and electronic cigarettes. Our main desire is to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, offering a modern design and a wide range of e-liquid manufactured and produced by us.

Waper wants to be constantly in touch with customers, creating links to it and interacting together to make our Waper products your products. Continuous flavor improvement and working in R & D of Waper products assure us to position ourselves at the forefront of technology and to offer unique quality, which added efficiency and easy use of all Waper models.

We strongly believe in the quality of our products, and therefore, we focus on direct marketing between consumers to reach more customers. Test Waper quality and recommend our products.

It is essential that all our customers have the assurance that they are consuming the best products. To achieve this purpose we use the best materials and safe manufacturing standards, performing laboratory research and meticulous analysis to ensure that our customers will receive products that meet the most stringent safety standards in accordance with existing regulations in this area.



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 tel. +34 93 309 48 24