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iClear 16D BDC clearomizer

The Iclear clearomizer dual coil 16D, BDC - Double Resistance 2'1Ω, has a deposit of 2ml. Transparent vacuum tube.
5,90 €
  • Description
The high performance Iclear 16D BDC (Innokin) Clearomizer is manufactured with the most advanced technology with no welded joints to ensure that no vapor leakage decreasing Waper e-liquid consumption and keeping its fresh taste.
It is exceptionally easy to use and carries with double resistance, has a tank with a capacity of 2ml. Transparent suction tube and 2.1 Ω resistance.
With Iclear 16D BDC clearomizer get an extraordinary vapor sense in your mouth much more intense and enjoyable, making Waper electronic cigarette a new and unique experience that will go beyond with each puff.
Waper advice
Iclear 16D BDC clearomizer is a consumer product with a shelf life and single use. We recommend replacing the resistance within 30 days after the first use and do not mix Waper e-liquid flavors.
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