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Claromizador CE5

CE5 clearomizer

This Clearomizer represents the evolution of the classic CE4, but its wicks go inside a steel tube. It offers good flavor and good steam production. Capacity: 1.6 ml.
2,20 €
  • Description

· Clearomizer compatible with any EGO threaded battery, ideal for use with PACK IN-IN, GO-GO or similar.
· The resistance can not be replaced.
· Resistance position: Superior.
· Resistance: 2.4 Ohm.
· When filling the clearomizer and using it for the first time, we will have to allow more time than in the classic CE4, so that the liquid can enter correctly through the holes in the steel tube and can correctly impregnate the fibers, in Otherwise, we run the risk of burning the resistance. Once the clearomizer has been filled for the first time, it is recommended to wait at least 8 minutes to correctly impregnate the fibers forming the resistance. It presents a good system of drainage that allows a good production of steam with a constant flavor.

 Waper advice
· The CE5 clearomizer is a consumer product with a shelf life and individual use. We recommend replacing the claromizador 20 days of first use and not mix flavors of e-liquid.
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