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in- in battery

Battery charging with led warning.
5,95 €
  • Description

The rechargeable Waper in-in battery 650 mAh carries a power saving function that turns off the battery. This prevents the accidental discharge of the battery when not in use.

In-in battery carries a microchip to prevent overcharging, so the Waper circular dock charger stops automatically when the battery is fully charged.

Battery and button Led lights:Battery with warning LED in the power button and at the base of the Waper in-in battery showing at all times the charge level.

LED signal levels

- Green: Length 600 puffs.

- Yellow: Length about 75 puffs.

- Red: Length: about 25 puffs.

5 click’s in-in Waper battery

With the on/off button of the new 5 click’s in-in Waper battery you can turn on/off the Waper electronic cigarette.

How to activate Waper in -in battery: Press the on/off button five times with an interval of no more than two seconds.

How to deactivate Waper in -in battery: Press the on/off button five times with an interval of no more than two seconds.

Charging the battery

To recharge the battery, gently supports the electronic cigarette in the Waper circular dock charger, and then connect the cable of the dock to a USB or a power adapter. The dock will flash while charging. The USB charger light will be red while charging and blue after it is fully charged.

Battery and dock charger cautions

• Use a high-speed USB port for charging the battery properly.

• Fully Charge the battery before using it, it will give long life to it.

• To ensure a good battery life, do not keep in very warm or cold ambient.

Battery Specifications

Battery capacity: 650 mAh.

Puffs with fully charge: 700 puffs.

Battery charging time: 3 hours.

Battery Life: More than 300 charge and discharge cycles.

Low-voltage protection

If the battery voltage is less than 3.3 v. a flashing red light is activated switching off the Waper electronic cigarette avoiding battery´s overheating.

Auto lock

Automatic locking is activated as a precaution if the on-off button is pressed more than 10 seconds thus avoiding battery overheating.

Waper call to respect the environment. Once your battery will be finished, be responsible and deposit it to the recycle containers in your town.



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