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Pack in-in de waper
Pack in-in de waper

pack in-in

Contains led battery charge warning, claromizador, circular charger, usb charger, AC wall adapter and instruction manual.
17,00 €
  • Description

In-in is an innovative series of Waper electronic cigarettes.

Its circular dock charger enables one of the most quick and easy loads in the market. It also includes innovative features such as new battery with charging level led advice, low voltage protection and protection against overheating.

A new experience, vaping with in -in:

Our innovative Waper clearomizer is excellent for having a low e-liquid consumption and keeping the taste intact and longer in mouth.

With Waper clearomizer vapor you will get an extraordinary mouth feeling  much more intense and enjoyable, making Waper electronic cigarette a new and unique experience the will go beyond with each puff. 

New in Waper in –in starter kit:

Battery waper in-in

• Battery with warning LED in the power button and at the base of the Waper in-in battery showing at all times the charge level.

• 5 click’s in-in Waper battery: With the on/off button of the new 5 click’s in-in Waper battery you can turn on/off the Waper electronic cigarette.

How to activate Waper in -in battery: Press the on/off button five times with an interval of no more than two seconds.

How to deactivate Waper in -in battery: Press the on/off button five times with an interval of no more than two seconds.

We recommend turning off the battery to prevent unwanted keystrokes, as a protection for example, at the risk of anyone to suck on the device.

• LED signal levels:

- Green: Length 600 puffs.

- Yellow: Length about 75 puffs.

- Red: Length: about 25 puffs.

• Battery protection: If the battery voltage is less than 3.3 v. a flashing red light is activated switching off the Waper electronic cigarette avoiding battery´s overheating.

• Auto lock: Automatic locking is activated as a precaution if the on-off button is pressed more than 10 seconds thus avoiding battery overheating.

Waper circular dock charger

• You can charge Waper in-in at your office desk, dining room, and kitchen or anywhere you want with an easy use and fast load.

• No need to unscrew the clearomizer to charge the battery. With our Waper circular dock charger you can recharge our Waper electronic cigarette faster through USB cable or power adapter.

• Magnetic dock built to facilitate a good connection. With the magnetic dock a great coupling is generated to establish a perfect connection between the circular dock charger and the Waper electronic cigarette.

• In the dock, a LED color display shows the different load levels offering design and comfort, letting you know at all times the current state of the Waper in-in battery.

Waper in -in spares:

• Waper in - in Electronic cigarette consists of:

• Lithium Battery 650 mAh with three LED signal levels.

• Waper clearomizer.

• Waper circular dock charger

• With USB cable.

• AC wall adapter

• Instructions (Spanish / English).

Waper advice:

Waper clearomizer is a consumer product with a shelf life and single use. We recommend replacing the clearomizer within 30 days after the first use and do not mix Waper e-liquid flavors.

Once Waper in–in is switched on, only works when you press the LED button. You must press the LED button and inhaling at the same time. Release the button after inhalation. By pressing the button, the LED light will turn on. If you hold down the button too long it can cause overheating and damage in the Waper in -in.


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